Chemical Industry

Standard PDV Salt

British Salt’s pure dried vacuum (PDV) salt is a high purity free flowing salt manufactured by evaporating purified brine under vacuum before being dried and packed or loaded for delivery.

  • It complies with the ‘Codex Alimentarius – Worldwide Standard for Food Grade Salt’ and ‘BS998: 1990 – Vacuum Salt for Food Use’ and is suitable for a wide range of food and non-food use
  • Specified purity is typically at least 99.9% and it has a bulk density of 1.22 and 1.32 g/cm3
  • Contains anti-caking agent E535 to avoid lumping
  • It is available in a range of formats including palletised 25kg and 12.5kg bags, 1T FIBCs and bulk tankers
  • This product can be delivered across the globe - see where we deliver. 




Industrial Vacuum Salt

Industrial Vacuum Salt (IVS) is a free flowing pure grade of salt used for animal feed and agricultural applications.

  • Manufactured via our HACCP system and FEMAS certified it is used in all kind of blends and pre-mixes as well as an ingredient in its own right
  • Available in 25kg, 1T IBCs and bulk tankers



Undried Vacuum Salt

Undried Vacuum Salt or UV salt is a high purity, undried salt with a wide range of applications.

  • UV salt contains up to 3% moisture
  • It conforms to ‘BS998: 1990 – Vacuum Salt for Food Use’
  • It contains anti-caking agent to avoid lumping
  • It is ideal for use in chemical processing and large scale water treatment, including OSEC processes

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