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Products by Grade

At British Salt our years of experience and extensive product range means we’re the premier supplier of salt in the UK and export our high quality products across the globe.

Located in the heart of Cheshire, we produce premium salt from our state of the art plant - offering customers different grades to suit all applications.

As a versatile raw material, salt can be used in industrial production, food processing, as a de-icer, in animal feeds and as a seasoning for food on your table.

We have many grades of vacuum salt available in a selection of sizes, all with the appropriate accreditation for the required use.

Standard PDV Salt

Suitable for a wide range of general applications where purity is paramount. Our standard pure dried vacuum salt is used in the food, chemical, industrial and water treatment sectors. The food industry not only re-packages this salt for table use, but also uses it in a wide range of dairy products, snacks and convenience foods.

Graded PDV Salt

Fine grade salts are high purity salts which have been classified according to their particle sizes, to give consistent performance during processing. When a smaller particle size is required, our graded salt products provide pure salt at the right specification.

  • Fine 50 and Fine 60 are our finest grade of crystalline salt, which improves the mixing and texture of wet and dry finished products.
  • Tanker Coarse and Tanker Fine are designed especially for the cheese manufacturing and dairy industry.

Compacted Salt

Formed from high purity PDV salt, our range of compact salt products have been specifically developed for water treatment and water softening in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Our compacted salt products include Aquasol briquettes and blocks, and Granulite.

Technical & General Industries

A range of salt products suitable for technical and general industrial applications.

  • High Purity Technical is ideal for technical and industrial applications where premium quality salt is required, such as for textile and leather production.
  •  Industrial Vacuum Salt (IVS) is a free flowing pure grade of salt used for animal feed and agricultural applications.
  • Undried Vacuum (UV) Salt. Typically used in the chemical industry - this high purity product has not been through the final drying stage.
  • PAD Salt is an ungraded, undried white salt that is ideal for large scale de-icing, industrial and non-technical processes.

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