SustainabilityFrom responsible manufacturing,to meaningful stakeholderengagement.

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Sustainability: A core principle at British Salt

Sustainability will always remain at the core of British Salt’s business strategy.

For us, sustainability spans meaningful stakeholder engagement, ethical practices, responsible manufacturing, prioritising the health and safety of every employee and promoting employee wellbeing.  All whilst creating and maintaining economic value.


As a manufacturing company British Salt recognises that its activities have an impact on the environment. We constantly strive to be a good neighbour within Cheshire, having the greatest respect for the people and the surrounding towns.

Our standards are visible, robust, sustainable and subject to continuous monitoring. They include:

  • Independent and in-house environmental studies.
  • Specialists dedicated to assessing every aspect of our products.
  • Processes to ensure that any negative effects on the environment are kept to the minimum.
  • Working closely with external regulatory bodies to monitor and improve standards of performance.