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Bespoke Products

There's no 'one solution fits all' approach at British Salt. As well as our existing product range, we work with customers to offer a truly bespoke service - creating a range of customised packages designed specifically for individual businesses' needs.

Developed by our experienced team, we work together with our customers to create a premium product.

The technical department and laboratories are instrumental in tailoring product specifications to our customers' exacting requirements.

Our technical specialists have been responsible for developments ranging from enhancing the chemical specification to particular physical characteristics. We would be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

3 Reasons to Choose British Salt

Own Label Offering

  • British Salt works with customers to offer bespoke products.
  • We can pack salt in our customers’ own design of packaging or support in branding design.
  • Our service is ideal for companies looking to develop or grow their own brand of salt products.
  • The range includes PDV and compacted products, in 25kg and 12.5kg bags
  • Our team of technical, quality and procurement experts will support companies throughout the design process, to develop a premium product.

Flexibility of Order Size

  • A wide range of pack formats and design options, such as grab handles - for ease of use.
  • PE bagged products are available from two high speed pack lines in different sizes: 25kg, 12.5kg and 10kg for some grades.
  • Each British Salt bag is individually printed, with a timestamp for full traceability.
  • British Salt offers a range of FIBC sizes, ranging from 1.0T to 1.2T
  • All bagged products can be delivered via curtain side vehicles for domestic journeys or packed into containers for export.
  • Dedicated tankers are available for bulk deliveries of salt, up to 30T.
  • British Salt can also offer a vendor management system at customer sites, taking full management of the salt inventory.

Iodised Salt

  • Iodised salt is a well-established method for addressing the numerous health issues posed by iodine deficiency, which can affect adults and children alike.
  • British Salt services include adding quantities of food grade potassium iodate to PDV salt, in order to produce iodised salt.
  • Our blending process enables us to produce iodised salt with tailored iodine concentrations to meet the requirements of different nations. The specific iodine concentration is then printed on the packaging, for full traceability.
  • All iodised salt products are QC tested and are only positively released once specification compliance is confirmed.

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