Meet the Team: Adam Doyle H&S Adviser

In our latest interview in the ‘Meet the Team’ series, we speak to Adam Doyle Health and Safety Adviser for our British Salt and Sodium Bicarbonate operations.


What’s your current job role?

I am currently Health and Safety Advisor for our British Salt and Sodium Bicarbonate operations. I was previously on secondment to this position and I’ve now taken up a permanent role.


What does your current position include on a day to day basis?

I work as part of a team providing Health & Safety advice across the British Salt and Sodium Bicarbonate sites. We work with management and team members so that the correct TCE protocols are followed, in order to make TCE a safe place to work. We also develop and implement innovative Health and Safety campaigns.


Where have you worked previously within TCE?

I have worked for TCE for just over 13 years. I started out on a temporary contract, manually packing 25kg bags in the PDV department.
I was subsequently successful in my application as a forklift truck team leader which later became the packaging and despatch team leader role.


What was it about TCE that attracted you to work at the company?
I first started with the company as a British Salt employee prior to the TCE acquisition of the business. British Salt had a good reputation locally and I thought it would be a company for career progression.


What gives you the most job satisfaction in your work at TCE?

Every day there’s a new challenge to face or something new to learn and this provides great variety in my work. Keeping people safe and providing a safe and efficient working environment gives me great job satisfaction.

Whose team do you work in?
I’m part of the SHE team, which is headed up by Gill Littlewood.


What do you believe are the most important aspects of your job?

To drive standards and the culture of health and safety, ensuring we are keeping up to date with current regulations and standards.


What are the key challenges in your job?

Trying to find the right balance in terms of the amount of time I need to spend between the sites. I also have responsibility for Irish Feeds in Belfast - which is obviously some distance away!


What are your interests away from work?

I’m mechanically minded and have a love of cars, particularly tinkering with them and restoring them. I also love the outdoors, so I love nothing more than packing up our camper van and heading out into the countryside with my girlfriend and our dog!


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