Meet the Team: Operations Coordinator, Matt Bostock

In our latest interview in the ‘Meet the Team’ series, we speak to Matt Bostock about his work at British Salt and also his role as an On-Call Firefighter, based at Northwich Fire Station.


When did you join the company? What’s your current title and your primary responsibilities? 

I joined in August 2016 and I’m currently an Operations Coordinator at British Salt, responsible for wetside operations, the boiler plant and the Brinefields.


Have you held any other positions within the company?

Prior to this role I was the Brinefield Operations Coordinator, then the Dryside Coordinator.


Have you attained any qualifications whilst working for the company?

In terms of qualifications, I have completed the confined space training as well as the Emerging Leaders programme.


Where did you work previously and what has this brought to your current role?

I worked for Albis, who make therma plastics as a Shift Manager. I had developed lots of transferable skills, such as management skills, leading a team through adversity, working under pressure, root cause analysis, operating standards, operating a plant safely and change management.


What are the key initiatives you’ve been involved in?

The Emerging Leaders course, the British Salt 50th programme, ongoing volunteering, internal audit course and as part of the boiler project I was involved in providing input on confined spaces.


What are the biggest challenges that you face?

Maintaining an efficient plant and meeting production targets. Time – never enough of it! Prioritising is challenging when working in multiple areas.

What do you like most about your job?

I love the variety of the role. Every day is a new challenge and there’s a real sense of fulfilment when we meet our targets, particularly if it has been in adverse circumstances. Working for TCE, there’s a real sense of belonging which I really appreciate. We’re listened to and respected. It’s a flat management approach which means no- one is off limits to be approached and that makes it a really great place to work.

What would you have been if you’d not worked in manufacturing?

A full-time firefighter!

Tell us about your fire fighter activities?

I joined the cadets and by the age of 18 I was a cadet instructor and then an area instructor across Cheshire. I signed up and the rest is history! I’m based locally, at Northwich Fire Station. I love the sense of risk and I’m confident in difficult situations. I don’t find it scary at all. Obviously, I’ve been in some very distressing situations and seen some terrible things, but you learn to deal with it. I am currently going through a promotion course in the fire service and I really relish the challenges that this role presents, as well as my work at British Salt.