Meet the Team: 

Paul Byrne: Major Projects & Improvement Manager, British Salt


We caught up with British Salt’s Major Projects & Improvement Manager, Paul Byrne (pictured on the left) to get an insight into his role within the company.

Q: What’s your current title and primary responsibilities? 

I joined British Salt two years ago and recently moved into the role of Major Projects and Improvement Manager for the Middlewich site. It’s a newly created role, the main responsibility being to provide site input to the many projects that are currently underway or planned for the salt business. Prior to my current role I was Production Manager for salt.


Q: What has your previous experience brought to your role?

I’ve spent most of my career in the fragrance industry, manufacturing aroma chemical ingredients. Prior to joining TCE I split my time running my own mens’ toiletries business and acting as a consultant for a large aroma chemical company in India. I gained a broad experience of chemical manufacturing at all levels in corporate and entrepreneurial environments. I bring valuable experience of leading and working with people in teams of all sizes. No matter what the plant or process is, success always comes from harnessing the ideas and energy of those involved.


 Q: What have been the key initiatives you’ve been involved in?

The main one has been to re-establish and develop the production management team. This was a combination of supporting existing members and recruit to fill vacancies. It was testimony to the quality of people we have on site that all of the team came from within. Now I’ve moved on I’ve left behind a strong team that’s more than capable of meeting future challenges.


Q: What do you like about your job and about working at British Salt?

I’m excited about the challenge that it presents. We have several large projects being considered for Middlewich which will make a big impact to both the performance and appearance of the site: e.g. the new boiler house is already making its presence felt as you walk through the gates.

There are lots of opportunities for operational improvements to continue to boost efficiency.

We’ve a great team at British Salt across the whole site. The main reason for me wanting to return to large scale manufacturing was to be involved with large teams again where there is a great sense of satisfaction from working together and achieving your goals. It’s a great place to work with friendly, knowledgeable people who want to get the job done.


Q: What would you have been if you’d not joined TCE?

Once I’d chosen to study chemistry at a higher level I was always going to be involved in manufacturing.  As soon as I spent time at my first factory, I was hooked on the daily challenge of making a product, particularly on a large scale.

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