Winter’s Here! Now’s the Time to Stock Up on De-Icing Salt Supplies!

As we approach the year-end, winter has begun to bite, so now’s the time to ensure that you have sufficient stocks of British Salt’s Granular De-icing Salt, a new product that proved extremely popular during the cold snap at the turn of this year.

Made from high purity vacuum salt, British Salt’s De-icing range will help to keep the UK safe over the winter months and offers a number of benefits over standard rock salts and grits.

With a purity of over 99% NaCl, British Salt’s Granular De-icing product melts ice and snow more cleanly than standard rock salt or grit, which contains higher levels of impurities. So, our De-icing Salt means that less dirt and grime are transferred indoors after use.

Fast acting
Our fast-acting Granular De-Icing Salt is specially granulated to melt ice and snow faster than other salts, and offers improved grit underfoot compared to standard salt.

Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial premises, our high purity salt can be used to remove ice and snow from all types of paths, car parks, driveways and pavements.

Effective de-icing, using British Salt products, can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries caused by slipping on ice and snow.

Pack facts
British Salt’s Granular De-icing Salt is available in 10kg PE bags with pre-cut handles for ease of use. The bags are supplied on high quality pallets, with each pallet containing 100 x10kg De-icing bags, giving a net weight of 1,000kg.

How to place your order?
Simply contact your British Salt account manager to place an order or obtain more information on British Salt Granular De-icing Salt.