New High Speed £1m Automated

Packline For British Salt

British Salt has now installed a new, high speed, automated bagging and palletising system at our Middlewich site. This latest initiative, replacing Number 3 packline, was commissioned in October and represents a further Tata Chemicals Europe investment of £1m as part of an overall £1.8m+ British Salt future-proofing project designed to transform this important area of our operations.

This new automated bagging and palletising system follows hot on the heels of Number 2 packline replacement project completed last year and provides the British Salt packing operations with state-of-the-art facilities. Operating at exceptional speeds of up to 1500 filled and sealed bags per hour - one every 2.4 seconds - the new packing machine and palletiser was manufactured by The Concetti Group.

It is complemented by a pallet stretch hood wrapping system supplied by Danish specialists Lachenmeier. This latest stage in the British Salt investment programme supports the company’s strategy to grow the business through increased exports of salt, via a differentiated product range, with diversification from a bulk to bagged product offering. Packline 3 is designed for packing food grade salt which will be used for both domestic and overseas markets.

Tata Chemical Europe’s Fraser Ramsay, who is the project lead on the British Salt packline initiative, commented on the advantages of the new Concetti manufactured system: “Packline 3 is the final piece in the packaging jigsaw at British Salt. Whilst the previous bagging line operated at speeds of around 900 bags per hour, the new packing facility provides a capability of up to 1500 filled and sealed bags over the same time period. This is in addition to the Number 2 packline replacement that provides comparable packing rates.

“Add to this the increased reliability and greater flexibility to pack specific products, at the best possible time to suit our schedules, then the new, high speed packline operations represent a considerable asset for the company.”

automated packline