Police Escort for British Salt’s ‘Special Delivery’

Middlewich town centre welcomed a very ‘special delivery’ when two new state -of-the -art British Salt boilers travelled, with their own police escort, on their journey from Spain, via Ellesmere Port, to the British Salt Middlewich site, as part of a major £7.2 million future-proofing investment at the company.

Designed and built in Bilbao, Spain, the two Lointek- manufactured state-of-the-art, 45 te/h boilers travelled more than 700 nautical miles over three days, in a dedicated vessel, to Ellesmere Port docks. This was followed by a 30-mile, three-hour road trip, accompanied by a police escort along the A51 and A54, before passing through Middlewich town centre and on to British Salt.

The two new boilers will form the centerpiece of our new British Salt boiler plant facility that’s currently under construction and scheduled to become operational in the Spring.  

Weighing over 90 tones each, the 12- meter- long, 6.2-meter-wide boilers look futuristic in contrast to their 50-year-old predecessors that are now approaching the end of their working life. Not only will the new boilers present improved operational capabilities and reliability, they will also comply with the Industrial Emissions Directive. The new boilers will utilise the best available technology, producing less than half the NOx emissions of the current boilers. Their installation will help to future-proof the Middlewich site and ensure reduced carbon footprint and state- of- the- art energy efficiency.

Further, the new boilers will mean that the flue stack height will be reduced from 67m to 30m, with the removal of the old boiler stack once the new boilers have been commissioned. Commenting on this exciting milestone in British Salt’s 50th anniversary year, Projects Director Ladan Iravanian said: “We are delighted to take delivery of the new boilers at our British Salt HQ. This very special delivery is the culmination of more than 1 year of planning. The three hours’ journey from the Ellesmere Port dockside to Middlewich required military precision, by all involved, including transport & logistics specialists, Mammoet. Our thanks go to all concerned for ensuring that the operation was hitch-free.”

The new British Salt boiler plant will be key to the success of British Salt in years to come and represents the largest single investment in the company since its inception in 1969.

british salt bolier