British Salt Featured on Front Cover of Manufacturing Management!

British Salt has hit the front cover of the latest issue of Manufacturing Management!

The in-depth article highlights the company’s major future-proofing investment programme and celebrates our 50th anniversary.

Editor Chris Beck visited British Salt to view the production process and discuss the challenges of balancing ageing assets with ambitious growth plans amidst increased demand for our products in both established sectors and new and emerging UK and international markets.

Our high-profile future-proofing investments are prominently featured in the in-depth article including the major new £7.2 million boiler plant initiative and the three new state- of- the- art automated packaging lines.

Stephen Crabb highlighted how our 50th anniversary year has taken production to an unprecedented level – something that would not have been possible if British Salt hadn’t committed to such a ambitious, robust and focused growth strategy over the past [five] years.

Operating, maintaining and upgrading plant amidst a naturally corrosive [challenging] environment also provides an insight into the issues faced in salt products production. The article examines the importance of stringent health and safety standards and uncompromising quality control protocols in producing commodity products to the very highest standards.

The success of British Salt’s innovative employee ‘role swap’ strategy  - designed to provide our staff with a wider perspective of the  big picture production process, together with an insight into our customer’s considerations, is also covered in the Manufacturing Management feature.

The manufacturing sector magazine also examines the various stages in the British Salt production process  and clearly demonstrates the attention to detail and agility of  operation required to produce a first- rate product portfolio, with marked differentiators, in the commodity sector. 

See here for the full article.