Boiler Project Update

The £7.2m project to replace the boilers at British Salt continues to gather pace.  Over the past week, preparations for the installation of the new flue stack have been completed.  The new flue stack will be the most visible part of the plant at 30m tall.  Once the new boilers are operational, this will mean that the old flue stack, which is 67m tall, can be removed. 

The pictures show:

  • The new stack foundations ready for the installation to commence
  • The arrival of the new stack windshield in 15m long 2.6m diameter sections
  • The lifting of the flue stack segments into place
  • The new stack from above prior to the windshield being installed
  • The completed flue stack

Once the stack installation has been completed, the focus of the project will then turn to the installation of the largest items in the project which are the new boilers.  These each weigh 90 tonnes, are 12m long and 6.2m wide. A lot of careful planning on how these will be transported from Ellesmere Port has already happened.

Find out more about this investment in our salt production facilities here.