New, High Speed Automated Packline Now in Operation at British Salt 

A new, high speed, automated packline is now fully operational at British Salt’s Middlewich site – representing a TCE investment of more than £600,000 that futureproofs this vital part of the company’s manufacturing process.

Operating at outstanding speeds of up to 1500 sealed bags per hour, the new Line 2 bagging machine and palletiser is already transforming the British Salt packing hall activities.

Its introduction supports the company’s strategy to grow the business through increased exports of salt, via a differentiated product range, with diversification from a bulk to bagged product offering.

Designed by Italian manufacturers, The Concetti Group, the new high speed, automated weighing, bagging and palletising system has given the Middlewich packline facility a phenomenal boost. Its impressive performance means that one salt bag can be both filled and sealed every 2.4 seconds!

Following the removal of the old Line 2 bagging system at the end of August and the subsequent enabling works such as a new flooring and pipework, an expert team from Concetti visited the Middlewich site to assist with the installation, commissioning and staff training in early September.

Following the commissioning stage, the new high speed automated packline went live in late September. It is primarily designed for packing food grade salt which will be used for both domestic and overseas markets.

TCE’s Fraser Ramsay, who is the project lead on this initiative, commented on the advantages of the new packline:” Our previous system operated at speeds of around 400  bags per hour, whereas the new facility ensures that we’re on track for up to 1500 effectively filled and sealed bags over the same time period. Add to this increased reliability and greater flexibility to pack specific products, at the best possible time to suit our schedules, then the new, high speed packline represents a major asset for the Middlewich site.”

Looking ahead to autumn 2019, the company has now given the go-ahead for a complete replacement of the Line 3 system, representing a further £1m+ investment in the next stage of this major Middlewich packline transformation initiative.