Quality and Customer Service

From the earliest point of extraction to the on-time delivery of high purity, finished products, British Salt never underestimates the importance of the role it plays in the supply chain.

Continuity of Supply

As a supplier to time critical industries, British Salt appreciates that continuity of supply is a top priority to its customers. Every vital area of production is protected by back-up support systems to minimise the risk of down-time. A program of carefully scheduled maintenance is in place to ensure that the plant is in continuous production virtually all year round.

Total Quality Management

The company benchmarks its operations on the quality of its products with a belief that quality is not just important, it’s a way of life. Today, Total Quality Management and Quality Assurance are integral to British Salt’s activities and a contact focus of employees throughout the business.

ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standard

Thumbnail image of the British Salt ISO certificate

British Salt incorporates the most demanding quality assurance procedures at every stage of production and is BS EN ISO 9001:2000 registered.

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Thumbnail image of the British Salt BRC certificate
Thumbnail image of the British Salt FEMAS certificate

The requirements of UK and EU food and animal feed safety legislation are satisfied by a combination of strict managerial control over critical areas of production and a program of capital expenditure to keep abreast of advances in product protection technologies. These disciplines are key factors in meeting customer expectations and can be benchmarked by our BRC and FEMAS certification.

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In addition, British Salt’s products are certified as being Kosher, under Jewish law.

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Dedicated, Highly Skilled Employees

Even though British Salt has incorporated some of the most advanced technology and quality assurance systems into salt production, skilled and dedicated employees are, without doubt, the most important factor in the success of the company.

All key operations are led by experienced and highly qualified personnel. Company performance and future plans are discussed openly at management and employee communication meetings to encourage an atmosphere of mutual respect and personal involvement.

As a result, key company values of customer focus, continuity and reliability of supply and ease of purchase remain at the forefront of everything we do.